Can Salt therapy boost your immune system?

Can Salt therapy boost your immune system?

Can Salt therapy boost your immune system?

Salt therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a naturalistic approach to wellness. One of the ways in which salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, can help you stay healthy is by boosting your immune system. This happens in several ways. Salt therapy is all-natural, and there are no major risks to this holistic treatment.

Salt therapy is performed in a controlled environment, where salt particles are aerosolized so that they may be absorbed through the respiratory tract and the skin. Sessions generally last between 30-45 minutes, in a comfortable, relaxing setting. All you have to do is relax and breathe. Not only is salt therapy good for you, but the process itself is also very relaxing and enjoyable.

Stress and Your Immune System

Stress is a huge factor in reducing the power of the human immune system. Stress comes in many forms and for many reasons. While each person has a different reaction to stress, it can lead to loss of sleep, weight gain or loss, chronic health conditions, and more. Any of these things alone can cause major health problems, and the more issues that arise, the more difficult it becomes to stay healthy. If you suffer from chronic stress, it will be more difficult for your body to fight off illnesses.

Strengthening Your Lung Capacity

The lungs naturally absorb many toxins throughout their normal process. Halotherapy can help by releasing many of these toxins, along with some bacteria that may accumulate in the lungs. Salt therapy is thought to improve lung capacity, which will allow the body to not only intake but also process, oxygen more readily. This can help to “clean” the respiratory tract, and this leads to higher energy levels.

Regular, consistent sessions of salt therapy can have many positive cumulative effects. With each session, salt therapy is helping the lungs and the immune system by expelling more of the bad bacteria and toxins and improving lung capacity for better oxygen absorption. The lungs act as a sponge and can hold toxins, so without helping them to release those toxins, the buildup can lead to reduced lung capacity.

Improved Relaxation

Salt therapy has many benefits when it comes to relaxation. Improved relaxation can definitely boost your immune system, as it can directly reduce stress and help your body and mind to function more effectively. Relaxation also has a direct relationship to good sleep patterns.

All of these benefits combined show how halotherapy, or salt therapy, can be an important part of preventative health care. When your immune system is strong and working efficiently, you will be better equipped to fight off illness, including things like the common cold or infections. If you do happen to get sick, then having a healthy immune system will mean that you are sick for a shorter period of time and probably have milder symptoms. Who likes to be sick? Along with developing other healthy habits that strengthen your immune system, such as a healthy diet, good sleep patterns, and regular exercise, give your body a boost and help your immune system by enjoying regular salt therapy sessions.

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