What Can Halotherapy Do For You?

What Can Halotherapy Do For You?

What is Halotherapy and What Can it do?

Halotherapy, also commonly known as salt therapy, is an all-natural treatment that is used for many wellness purposes. Throughout history, salt has been used for many medicinal reasons and has recently seen an increase in popularity in Western cultures. The salt used for halotherapy sessions contains other important minerals, including manganese and sulfate, which have health benefits as well.

What is Halotherapy Like?

Salt therapy involves having a person sit in a special room, that is controlled for temperature and humidity. A special machine is used to aerosolize salt into extremely small particles. The idea is that the salt particles will then be absorbed into the body primarily through the respiratory tract, but also through the skin in smaller amounts. Salt therapy sessions are generally fairly short, lasting between 30-45 minutes. During this time, a person will sit quietly and relax, and the salt enters the body simply through the passive act of regular breathing.

The respiratory tract is home to many toxins and bacteria, simply because we breathe in air that is not always clean and the tissues in the respiratory tract are particularly spongy and easily hold onto those toxins. It is thought that halotherapy can help to release some of the bacteria and toxins, and help the body to expel them through breathing.

What are the Benefits of Halotherapy?

Proponents of halotherapy often mention the many potential benefits to this type of treatment. Because halotherapy is thought to help cleanse and refresh the respiratory tract, it may be able to improve lung capacity. Halotherapy is thought to clear pollen, and reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. There may be benefits for those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic cough, or even COPD. For healthy people, it can provide increased energy because of the more efficient lung function and better oxygen intake.

Relaxation is another big benefit of salt therapy. The sessions themselves are relaxing, offering a time to rest, meditate, read, and just enjoy the quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This alone can lead to relaxation! Relaxation helps to reduce stress. As we all know, chronic stress can lead to health problems, including problems with sleep, mental health, weight control, and more. The benefits from the relaxing session can often last long after the halotherapy session ends.

During halotherapy sessions, salt is not only absorbed through the respiratory system, but also through the skin. Many advocates claim that this helps to provide relief for certain skin conditions, including eczema, hives, dry skin, and even psoriasis.

What are the Risks?

Most experts believe that halotherapy comes with very few risks. If a person does experience any side effects, then they should clearly stop the treatment. If you have a chronic health condition, it is wise to check with your doctor before adding any naturalistic treatments, to ensure you are not possibly worsening problems. However, in general, halotherapy is thought to be a safe and healthy alternative treatment that offers improvements in overall wellness and can be a great part of a healthy lifestyle.

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